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    Topics I've Started

    Looking for Link Exchange Partners.

    30 November 2011 - 04:18 AM

    I am looking for partners who can exchange contexual backlinks with my Pr2-3-4 web pages.I currently have 5 web sites (4PR4 and 1PR3) and all on different C class IP's.I also have lots of subpages with again PR2-Pr3-Pr4s.Relevancy is not an issue.When I say contexual I really ideally would like my anchor to be within the main text on the homepage.

    I understand this can most of the time only be provided by homepage link network owners,if you can do it,that is great I can do the same for you on my network.Having IP diversity is very important and this is what you will get from my sites.

    I can also exchange articles.

    How to Re-create a page of a Re-purposed Aged Domain

    23 November 2011 - 05:38 AM

    Hi Everyone

    I have quick question,how do you recreate a page like this www.myageddomain.com/?p=3 with wordpress.You can obviously name the new page as ?p=3 but that would be weird would not it? or
    should you just create a brand new page like this www.myageddomain.com/newpage and redirect www.myageddomain.com/?p=3 to it? Thanks a lot.

    Does anyone offer BackLink Index Express service here?

    18 March 2011 - 07:22 AM

    hi everyone

    anyone here offers BackLink Index Express service?

    What actually I would like to know is if you had a network of 100 blogs and you have different clients to get their backlinks indexed.For example you have 3 clients with 1.000 backlinks each to get indexed.You start having your BIE post to your blog network,once all the 3 job is done you are asked to report the URLS that you created with their links,how can you do it without going through all the feeds manually?

    Thanks a lot