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    In Topic: Deindexing of review site! :D

    20 May 2011 - 08:51 PM

    Deindexing is usually a manual process. It's only automated in the case of certain scripts and their footprints that Google's algorithms specifically look for (examples, YACG, BANS). This has been around a while and it doesn't have anything to do with 'Panda' so stop the Panda Panic.

    The process I've observed is that a site ends up on Google's visual review list for a number of reasons but the most common reasons seem to be newly registered exact match domain names, content and/or link building patterns that match known spamming patterns and flag a site for review and competitor reporting.

    Once it's in the manual review list, and you won't know that it is until it's too late, your site is at the mercy of a cubical warrior, most likely in India, who'll take a 30 second or less glance at your site's index page and see if it matches a pattern they've been trained to flag as a 'bad' site. You can have the most outstanding content in the world but if your site matches the visual pattern, it's gone. Likewise, you can have a site with terrible content with an HTML template that looks like it was put together by a drunken monkey using FrontPage 98 and you'll probably pass. However, most (but not all) non-ecommerce sites that don't match a known MFA pattern and don't have any ads on the index page will pass.

    Occasionally a site will be bumped up the food chain for a more in depth review by the Mountain View staff where links and actual content are reviewed but this isn't common from what I've seen. For example, if you were suddenly ranking #1 for "credit cards" you might get this kind of scrutiny but you probably won't if you're #1 for "purple antique knitting needles".

    well written and said. i have a friend who knows an engineer at Google and he says they ("cubical warriors") are swamped with work.. "cubical warrior" lmao :P

    In Topic: Deindexing of review site! :D

    20 May 2011 - 08:36 PM

    I haven't posted on this forum much, but this caught my attention. 3 of my sites all amazon sites, with product reviews went through a rankings drop at month 2. Still hasn't come back
    I just assumed I did something wrong in terms of backlinking too early or aggressively etc.

    It may have something to do with the supposed 'honeymoon' stage.
    Month 2 is usually the time when this stuff occurs, I don't have enough experience to figure out how to get around it.

    me too. here's what I do from now on.. don't bother backlinking until you get some EDU backlinks built first - get trust rank 1st! Or else the dopey bots might false positive your site as spam. With EDU links it won't. Bots are as dumb as they are smart - in the end they're just computers not humans with eyeballs.

    Also these Amazon review sites do well just on their own. no need to crush it.

    GO SLOW with BLing! Don't assume you need #BLS and overkill it out of the gate and get into trouble. I truly believe Google is closely watching BLing patterns habits speed quality etc. and coming down hard on any BLing that looks manufactured or even slightly reeks of it.

    You are also better served and SAFER to build high PR buffer sites (Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger) and have them link to your site. then you can hammer the crap out of your buffer sites all you want w/o much risk of getting slapped, this is a more powerful and efficient approach anyway. Leverage without the risk. Your $site (review site) doesn't need a ton of BLs, just a few from the Buffer sites. It works wonders for me and I have sites pegged at #1

    In Topic: Rebranding a Site After Big G Raises a 100 yard Penalty

    20 May 2011 - 08:29 PM

    I created a new .com domain last weekend and proved I got some sort of penality on the old domain. My site is now ranking on page #1 #2 for long tails again...about 10 SERP visitors a day after just 5 days lol...what a joke. The old domain name was like a ghost town. i mean it was flatlined DEADOLA and it used to bring in 40 SERPS visits a day before getting whacked when it was one month old.

    up yours google! lol

    In Topic: Google Dance?

    20 May 2011 - 07:38 PM

    lesson learned - don't slam your $site directly. You can pull that stuff off by hitting your Tier #1 high PR BL pages (like hubpages, ezine, etc) aka "buffer sites". You will also get more benefit/leverage that way. Work smart not hard. Its not the #'s its how they are built.

    In Topic: Indexing backlinks, is it actually worth the money and the efforts?

    20 May 2011 - 07:21 PM

    I've noticed the same effect Isac. Got the same feeling about pinging.

    I think its a bunch of crapola just like most of the stuff out there that is justified to sell you more tools you don't really need. I don't even bother. The only beneficial reason to build backlinks to your backlinks is when you are doing tiered power linking - as i know you already know - then you benefit but whether or not the page containing your link is indexed or not has no effect. Google will crawl it, see it, and evaluate it accordingly regardless.

    Just go into MajesticSEO and you'll see all your backlinks within a day or two of them being deployed - they are very effective at crawling and reporting BLs, they'll even tell you which containing pages are indexed or not. Many times for my sites I've seen very few pages "indexed" as a percent of total BLing pages and my rankings are commensurate with total BLing pages - indexed or not.