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    Google dance on my site, my observations

    05 March 2011 - 05:52 AM

    Greetings everyone,

    I think this is probably one of the hot topics now that google's changing its algorithm.

    Here's my scenario...

    I have a relatively new site (a little over 2 mths old), did some backlinking on EZA, BMR and SEOLV and more than 70% landed me on page 2 (without quotes). Later I got more aggressive and did a mightly more (abt 5 per day different keywords) to my money site.

    1. On Jan 29, it danced and lasted till abt Feb 8 (rankings back with many 1 or 2 spots up). - 10 days it danced
    2. Good times lasted till abt Feb 20 where it danced again. - 12 good days
    3. Dance completed at Feb 27 (some rankings up 1 or 2 spots, some went down 1 similarly). - 7 days it danced
    4. And on Mar 1 (in just only 2 days), it danced again and till now things still don't look good.

    During this whole time, I was doing quite a bit of BMR, I cut down on SEOLV for fear abt the content farm thingy by google.

    What I observed:

    When it danced, keywords go haywire. For example:
    Keyword: canon TX220 printer
    Correct post: Why you need a Canon TX 220 printer?
    Danced post: The best Canon printer in the market

    Anyone noticed your SERPS dancing in the same frequency / dates?

    It seems that every time I start massively building links into sites with PR, Google tries to tango with me. It's frustrating!