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    This is the (read only) Archive of Backlinksforum.com up to December 3 2011
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    Initial Effort

    Member Since 27 Oct 2010
    Offline Last Active Dec 03 2011 04:51 PM

    Topics I've Started

    Algo Update

    30 November 2011 - 04:24 PM

    A small algo update has come out today. Enjoy.

    SEScout Issues

    02 November 2011 - 08:03 PM

    →There's been a lot of rank tracking issues the past few days, with today being unacceptable
    →when will this be corrected
    sescout: Hey sorry, I do apologize for the issues with the rankings, we are actively addressing these problems and hope to have them sorted out shortly
    →is this like 24 hours....or days?
    →and is it server related or proxy related?
    sescout: Hopefully within the day. We're having issues with google right now
    sescout: If you send over your account information I can have it credited for the time you were unable to access your data

    ...Suggesting that everyone get some credit.

    This Will Probably Be The Most Interesting And Important Thing You Read Today

    19 October 2011 - 08:37 PM


    Enjoy, Start around Page 102. It is about web spam and grading websites.

    No More Organic Search Data For Analytics - WOW This Is Going To Be A Game Changer!

    19 October 2011 - 04:49 PM

    So today Google announced that they have turned on SSL by default for logged in users, a feature that has been available for a while on encrypted.google.com. The way they set it up, as explained in this post, means that your search query will not be forwarded to the website you're visiting and that they can only see that you've come from an organic Google result. If you're buying AdWords however, you still get the query data.

    This is what I call hypocrisy at work. Google cares about your privacy, unless they make money on you, then they don't. The fact is that due to this change, AdWords gets favored over organic results. Once again, Google gets to claim that it cares about your privacy and pulls a major public "stunt". The issue is, they don't care about your privacy enough to not give that data to their advertisers.

    That might also enlighten you to the real issue: Google still has all your search data. It's just not allowing website owners to see it anymore. It's giving website owners aggregated data through Google Webmaster Tools, which would be nice if it hadn't shown to be so incredibly useless and inaccurate.

    If Google really cared about your privacy, (delayed) retargeting wouldn't be available for advertisers. They wouldn't use your query data to serve you AdSense ads on pages, but I doubt they'll stop doing that, if they did they would have probably said so and made a big fuzz out of it.

    If Google really cared, the keyword data that site owners now no longer receive from organic queries would no longer be available for advertisers either. But that would hit their bottom line, because it makes it harder to show ROI from AdWords, so they won't do that.

    The Real Reason for killing organic referral data

    So I think "privacy" is just a mere pretext. A "convenient" side effect that's used for PR. The real reason that Google might have decided to stop sending referral data is different. I think it is that its competitors in the online advertising space like Chitika and Chango are using search referral data to refine their (retargeted) ads and they're getting some astonishing results. In some ways, you could therefor describe this as mostly an anti-competitive move.

    In my eyes, there's only one way out. We've now determined that your search data is private information. If Google truly believes that, it will stop sharing it with everyone, including their advertisers. Not sharing vital data like that with third parties but using it solely for your own profit is evil and anti-competitive. In a country such as the Netherlands where I live, where Google has a 99%+ market share, in other words: a monopoly, I'm hoping that'll result in a bit of action from the European Union.

    Source: Google Whores Out Users With False Privacy Claims | SEO Book.com

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