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    21K Site - Can Anyone Figure Out Where Their Traffic is Comming From?

    30 November 2011 - 02:34 PM

    Hey Guys

    I am always browsing successful flippa auctions for niche ideas and came across this one


    The seller clams he's done "seo" for those of us that actually know seo can see he clearly hasn't. The site has no pr and doesn't rank for any keywords if you do an semrush on this domain.

    The only thing I think he could be doing to get traffic is twitter and fb. I've tried them in the past and just went back to seo. Just cause twitter traffic doesn't convert well for me (but maybe it does for this cpa off)

    Anyways I thought this was interesting, If you guys have any idea on how this guy is bringing in all his traffic I'd love to hear it.

    How is this guy out ranking me !!

    15 November 2011 - 02:12 PM

    I've been rank #3 for my keyword for a while. I should be out ranking my competitor hes on a ".info" and I am on a ".com" . I know that's not to big of a deal but what really bothers me is my backlinks are ALOT more than his and I am sure the few backlinks he has are low pr.

    This is his majestic seo detail

    Referring Domains


    External Backlinks


    These are MY majestic seo details (My site is PR 3)

    Referring Domains


    External Backlinks


    I honestly don't think he has high pr backlinks either(I'll update this when I get home) and I really don't want to slap a monthly homepage backlinks package on this site.

    The only thing I see that could be a reason that he is out ranking me is his post date is more recent. We are both using wordpress and both are publish dates are in the meta desc.

    I am thinking about putting some BMR backlinks to this site anyone got some advice

    What is a QUALITY Link ?

    22 September 2011 - 03:36 AM

    I read time and time again to build more quality links to your site

    Yet I've never really gotten a good description of a quality link. I ve always read that one quality link is equal to bunch of low quality links.

    What defines a link as a "quality" link? is it page PR ?

    For example

    a fresh new ezine article with a page pr 0 vs a spammed pr4 blog backlink
    (which has more "quality" -same anchor text)

    Should I Use My Outsourced Articles for Webcontent or Article Marketing Backlinks ?

    17 August 2011 - 02:17 AM

    Hey guys

    I have a tiny targeted site for a small niche(i will use "voice lessons" as an example).

    It currently has 10 unique posts on it all optimized for my keyword "voice lessons" one post is a money page and all other nine posts are linked to the money page(inner link building)

    I kinda want your take on this. I just finished reading "feeding the panda" and they mentioned you should have 100+ posts

    I've outsourced 100 articles and was originally going to have them spun and submitted and use them for article marketing .... however after reading the report I am not sure if I should use these articles to make my site "bigger" (more posts and content) or should I use the articles for building backlinks....

    Whats your take on it guys?